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ITQ Design &  Build is an owner’s best partner. We are family owned and operated, full-service general contracting construction and design company, specializing in remodels for residential and small commercial spaces. No long story here. No list of beliefs. Just a team with a work ethic that we prefer to show you rather than tell you about. What separates us from most other general contractors boils down to the simple statement: We actually care.


We know what it feels like to be deprioritized, manipulated, and taken advantage of by your contractors. In fact, we got into this business by learning the hard way, having experienced a “general contractor horror story”, which evolved into cultivating a genuine passion to want to help people and not just taking their hard-earned money. That is why we do it the right way; the ITQ way.



We promise to be honest about the budget, tell you the truth about the timeline, and have your back throughout your journey of overcoming challenges and pain points.



We are dependable and reliable, because our neck is on the line, co-creating, collaborating, and never out of touch.



Our business is only as good as your satisfaction with our output; and that’s why we make the quality of our work a priority.

We offer our clients a start-to-finish sustainable project management model that reduces costs and eliminates your need to hire countless contractors. Contact us today and let’s build your next home together.

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