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A sleek, modern contemporary custom home build emphasized by a heavy-set metal fascia encrusted roof and beautiful cedar window trim and siding. This house is full of windows which allow ample amounts of sun light and warmth to contrast the dark earth tones of the exterior.






"A complete remodel to refresh an old split-level house, turning it into a modern, enjoyable place to live."

Design Thinking:

  • This home site on the quiet cul-de-sac was built in the 1980s and located inside an upper-class lakefront community. This project is a complete remodeling addition project and is about refreshing an old split-level house, turning it into a modern, enjoyable place to live.

Open Plan for the Contemporary Freedom Lifestyle: An open free-flowing, warm and comfortable space for beautiful family life.

  • Open the old, isolated kitchen to combine the kitchen, dining, and living into one space. Created a comfortable clean multifunctional space for all day-to-night activities: working from home while watching the stew cooking and kids playing, and using unified rooms for entertaining family, friends and colleagues.

  • Extended the family great room leading to the backyard with walk-out patio for special family time, table games, movie nights, video gaming, all entertainment and family time across the inside and outside space, ensuring privacy and comfort; the ultimate leisure and lake community living experience.

  • The master bedroom extending to the backyard created a retreat space with a south-facing large window for more sunshine, especially in wintertime. The high slanted ceiling for both master bedroom and children’s bedrooms enabled a sense of spaciousness and security.

  • Increased the backyard multi-level deck and balcony space, creating additional private outdoor areas, especially as the house is located at the corner of a cul-de-sac where there is less privacy at the front.

Architectural Style:

  • Appealing, rich texture materials efficiently used at the front entry, while the backyard deck area has a very welcoming; charming feel.

  • Refreshed the 80’s looking house with a contemporary architectural appearance.

  • The new shade roof creates both sloped ceilings for the inside bedrooms as well as for exterior appearance.

  • Efficient, simple, and strong new architectural form combines with the existing house forms.

  • Replaced all the exterior building materials to compose the new outside skins with a standing seam metal roof & wall, cedar siding, and cement board, all together creating a drastically new and fresh feeling and architectural aura.

  • Added more windows and sky lights to create more natural light to the space, exceptionally meshing the new and old window openings styles.

Cost Efficiency and Durability are especially important for this remodeling project.

  • Efficiently used the existing house structural frame, while adding additional living space above, was the most economical way to gain a useful living space with less cost. By maximizing the zoning lot coverage limit and turning the areas of the front porch into an indoor living space, we gained the most real estate value (by square footage) we could for the existing house.

  • Appealing, rich texture materials efficiently used at the front entry, while the backyard deck area got a homy charming feel.

  • The metal material we used on the roof and wall for good protection against the rainy Pacific Northwest weather, especially, rainwater on the adjacent existing split-level roof. All the exterior materials we used, cement board and siding, cedar siding with rain screen, stone veneer, and metal, are the attractive durable materials for the rainy climate, and not just  functional, but also long-lasting and resilient.



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